How Much Is Too Much? Avoid Passive Voice with Passive Voice Corrector Online

The passive voice; many a writer fall victim to this kind of writing because of years of being drilled and taught to write in such a manner.

Indeed, the passive voice can be an easy option to fall back to especially if you’re a first-time writer.

Nonetheless, it is less suitable for the art of creative writing as compared to Academic content writing. That’s why it’s important for a writer to use an active vs passive voice finder.

Which is why it is so vital for individuals to understand active vs passive voice in writing.

What Is the Meaning of the Passive Voice and the Passive Voice Verb?

In simple terms, the passive voice is a situation whereby a particular subject performs the action verb that is present in a given sentence on a certain object.

Secondly, what is a passive voice verb? In such a case, the verb in question becomes the passive voice verb. A good example would be as follows:

  • Elis bought his girlfriend flowers

In the aforementioned example, Elis is the subject performing the action verb of buying his or her girlfriend flowers.

When Does Using the Passive Voice Go Too Far?

Though the passive voice is easy to use, it is not the most reliable form of writing in the English language. That’s why using a passive voice corrector online is so essential. As a matter of fact, the passive voice can have its shares quite a number of hiccups along the way. These issues are as follows:

  • Dull: The passive voice can be pretty boring and unreliable when it comes to baiting readers and having them hooked to the kind of content that you are writing.
  • Not expressive: Additionally, the passive voice is not the most ideal way of evoking emotion in your readers. In fact, it is quite dull and tends to make individuals feel like they are not relating with the content that they are reading.
  • Too formal:  In a casual setting, especially in blogs and magazines, the passive voice tends to be too formal and thus not suitable for persuasive writing when you would like the reader to resonate with exactly what you are talking about.

Passive Voice vs Active Voice Examples. Why It’s Better to Choose Active Forms

As aforementioned, the passive voice tends to have a lot of shortcomings. Instead, the use of the active voice plays a monumental role in the realm of writing through the following ways:

  • It is Alluring: The active voice is widely used in storytelling and persuasive writing because of its ability to captivate an audience and to have them hooked on what the reader is discussing.
  • It Evokes emotion: Additionally, the active voice is well-known for evoking emotion, or enabling a writer to accurately see his or her point of view that he is looking to put across.

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5 Excellent Ways on How to Correct Passive Voice Misuse

That being said, here are some ideal ways through which you can know how to correct passive voice misuse in your content. We will also showcase passive voice vs active voice examples.

  • Know what the subject of the sentence is: By knowing who or what the subject of the sentence is, you are able to accurately convert from passive voice to active voice. For example, Leonard burnt the stake, we can determine that the subject is Leonard.
  • Know what the passive verb is: We also have to identify the passive verb. In the aforementioned example, the passive verb in this case is burnt which is in the past tense.
  • Know the object of the sentence: Additionally, we need to know who or what the action verb is being performed on so that we don’t confuse the two. For example, in this case, we can see that the stake is the object. This prevents us from jumbling up the sentence when converting to the active voice.
  • Add an auxiliary verb to the mix: For one to successfully convert from the active voice to the passive voice, we also need to add a transition action verb to the mix. Hence, in our aforementioned example, Leonard burnt the stake, we will add the aux verb ‘to be’. Moreover, we have to remember that the active voice revolves around making the verb the focal point of the sentence. In that case, the active voice of the sentence would be something like this The burning of the stake was done by Leonard.

How Passive Voice Corrector Online Works

That being said, the most effective way of how to correct passive voice in a sentence is by the use of a free online passive voice corrector. In fact, here is a detailed way of using the corrector to highlight and rectify any instances of passive voice in your content.

  • The first step is to copy or upload your content to the interactive box present in the passive corrector and past tense checker main online page.
  • After doing so, click enter. This will instantly activate a complex and precise algorithm that will proceed to check all your content for any instances of the passive voice. Once the content has been checked, the passive voice tester will then highlight these instances, and provide an option for you to rectify the said content with its grammar checker as well.
  • Apart from correcting the passive voice, the active vs passive voice editor further provides an opportunity for you to rectify all issues of grammar that you might have overlooked while proofreading.

Look no further for an effective passive voice corrector. Get your free tool now 🙂