Passive Sentence Checker: Use of Passive Voice

Passive voice is a writing style. Majority of the writing experts don’t like to use the passive voice, but sometimes it’s necessary to use the passive voice. A common sentence is an active voice, but when the object is written before the verb and subject is at the end, the sentence becomes a passive voice. Passive voice is usually used when the object is the main focus. However, people use it when the subject is important and overshadow the importance of the subject. Passive voice can also be used when we are writing a general truth. Moreover, in scientific papers, passive voice is commonly used. Commonly people use passive voice in academic papers. The sentence in which passive voice is used, make the position of the subject unclear and we get confused that who is responsible for a particular act. A passive sentence makes it difficult for the reader to understand the meaning. You can get free passive sentence checker online and solve all these problems.

How Online Tool Can Help to Correct Passive Voice in Your Text?

You can find active and passive voice corrector to help you. The online tool can highlight the passive voice sentences and can give you suggestions to correct them. They can provide you options to convert them into active voice. It does not correct them automatically, rather gives you options and suggestions. Sometimes you use passive voice intentionally, in that case, you can keep the voice of your choice. If you want to check your essay, which should be in active voice. You can use essay passive voice checker and get the required corrections.

When Online Tool Can Come in Handy and for Whom?

If you wonder how to correct passive voice in a sentence, you can use an online tool. Online tool come in handy in a number of situations, for instance,

  • It checks grammatical errors in your text, so when you have doubts about your grammar, you can use it.
  • when you need to send a lot of emails and you want them to be without mistakes.
  • When you are confused about a proposition, using this tool can help.
  • Punctuation cause real trouble sometimes. This tool can help you to punctuate properly.

These are just the common uses of this tool, you can use it anytime when you are struck with vocabulary and need to have a perfectly written document.

Everyone can use passive voice tool. Students can use to it correct their academic papers, no matter it’s an essay, term paper or dissertation. Business persons can use it for the correction of their official documents. It can be formal letters, emails or manuals. Job seekers can use passive voice editor to their advantage. They can check their resume, letter of recommendation, personal statement and other documents for grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes. These documents should be perfect in every respect. Very little mistakes can ruin your career. Now a day, a number of people work online and are associated with blogging. They can use passive voice grammar checker to make their content error free. The tool works online as well. If you are replying to a comment or preparing an online post, it can help you to improve your content. Other than these people, active and passive sentence checker is useful for everyone. Researchers, teachers, writers, journalists everyone can use this tool to find out his mistakes, to have a third eye proofreader and to improve his writing skills.

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Benefits of Online Tool

When you use free online software to check the passive voice, you can enjoy many other benefits of this tool. For instance,

  • It works online, and no downloading is required. You need to have an internet connection only and that is it. It is available for everyone, no matter in which part of the world he lives. There is no limit to use it. Everyone can use it for an unlimited number of times.
  • It is not just a free online proofreading and editing tool, it is much more than that. It provides you with the word count, check your grammar and spelling errors and do plagiarism check for you. It is difficult to find so many features in a free checking English grammar tool.
  • You can download it as a chrome extension and it can help in your online content creation as well. You can write your social media posts and reply to your emails, it will be there for you as your writing assistant.

Simplicity and Accessibility

Passive sentence checker is very simple to use and easily accessible to everyone. You can use it in different ways, whatever you find appropriate.

  • You can visit the website and use it directly. Copy your text and paste it in the given space. It will do all the service for you within no time. It will highlight your spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, typos, passive voice sentences, and confusing words.
  • You can download the extension as the part of your browser and it will help you with your online content.
  • You can download it on your windows and use it whenever you need.
  • An app is also available for smartphone users, who want to write without mistake.

You can access the tool the way you like. The features are the same no matter, how you use it.

Here is our free passive sentence checker online. Use it and experience the difference it can make!